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What is location partners?
Location Partners provides relocation services
for corporate and professional clients.

We simplify and streamline the process of employee
relocation incl. fixing apartments, reduce costs to employers and make the
relocation experience easier and more pleasant for the
employees. Clients include Ericsson, Framfab, GE Capital, Microsoft, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Reuters, Telia and others. read more>>




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If your company is a registered client, your login info is available from your HR department or HR section on your intranet.

If your company is not registered or if you are not sure, please follow this link to fill in the necessary info that we need to contact your organization.

If you are a private user, needing to rent or let apartment plz visit our partner site for FREE private relocation, Lazybee.biz for Global sublets rentals and vacation exchange.
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Sorry, due to a surge in demand, we can't accept more clients at this time.
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