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Send us an e-mail:
general information: [email protected]

functionality questions: [email protected]

sales/advertising/sponsoring: [email protected]

(We feel that we can help much more people in a shorter time span if we only offer email as way of initial contact.)

Stockholm office (HQ):

Lazybee.biz & Location Partners
Sickla Kanalgata 19A
SE-120 67 Stockholm

Partner up with location partners!

If your organization is not registered or if you are not sure, please fill in the form below. We will then contact your organization to see if it qualifies to join the location partners screened premium community for relocation.

Reasons to become a partner include:

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your name:
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your position within the organization:
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Name of organization:
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If not a partner, please contact the organization to offer them partnership:
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