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Let location partners rent out your home* to companies. It's FREE!
* apartment/flat, condo, house or room

Free services include:
  • quickly rent out your home to a company (so you get a good tenant)
  • show your home
  • handle all the paper work (contracts etc)
  • get the company to guarantee your getting the rent
  • negotiate for you with the company so you get a high rent

Additional services are available for approved clients. Apply here.

Questions? Please mail to: [email protected]

Please complete this form:

Please fill in the form below, and click ONCE on the button at the end. We will then contact you via the email you provide below, so please ensure it´s 100% correct. For your protection: WE WILL ONLY GIVE YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS TO CAREFULLY SELECTED INDIVIDUALS!

NB: You are NOT allowed to have an ad on Lazybee.com for the same home that you hereby want LP to help you rent out. WE HELP YOU FOR FREE! 

* required

Contact information
your name:
your email: (please ensure this is 100% correct, so we can reach you)
your phone nbr:
your mobile nbr:

Information about the apartment/house
location - country / region: (currently, we can only offer service in the specified regions. We expand rapidly, so we might already be able to help you in other areas as well. Try us!) Or try self-service at our partner site for private relocation Lazybee.com
if Other, please specify:

location - precise area/district:  (i.e. Östermalm)
street name & nbr  (i.e. Strandvägen 12)
postal/zip code:

accomodation type:
apartment/flat/condo house room
number of rooms excl. kitchen: (i.e 2 incl. bedroom)
size (sq m):

yes no
Fast Internet (T1, cable, DSL, ISDN or equiv.):
yes no
Many TV channels (Cable, Satellite or equiv.):
yes no
Permission from my landlord: (To rent out a house you don't need permission from anyone. To rent out a rental apartment ("hyra ut en hyresrätt i andra hand") you need permission from your landlord ("hyresvärd"). To rent out a co-op apartment ("hyra ut en bostadsrätt i andra hand") you need permission from your co-op board ("bostadsrättsförening"). Do it today, after having completed this form. Try to get permission to rent out BOTH to a private person and a company ("juridisk person"). Sometimes the landlord/co-op board will not give permission for a company (since they might have different employees staying there), but to a specific private person. Take the permission you can get, following the advice below. You may use this form in Swedish (right-click here, then select "save target as" (or something similar) to download it) or a form that your landlord/co-op board can give you Advice in Swedish on rental apartments only ("råden nedan gäller endast hyresrätter, bostadsrätter är knepigare att få lov att hyra ut om bostadsrättsföreningen bråkar"): Lämna andrahanshyresgästens uppgifter blanka - du har ju ännu ej någon! Uppge att relocationföretaget Location Partners kommer ordna en skötsam hyresgäst inom kort, men att du redan nu vill ha skriftligt OK, för att veta om du "redan nu skall eskalera frågan till hyresnämnden eller ej". 

-Om hyresvärden bråkar går man direkt vidare till hyresnämnden, som "kör över" hyresvärden om du kan visa något av följande skäl till andrahandsuthyrningen: 1.) du skall jobba en tid på annan ort 2.) studier 3.) du skall prova att flytta ihop med någon ("sambos på prov") 4). ålder 5.) sjukhusvistelse

-De flesta hyresvärdar ogillar att hyra ut i andra hand, men om man "hotar" med att gå till hyresnämnden och anföra ett av ovan nämnda skäl, vet hyresvärden att han/hon ändå blir tvungen att ge med sig. Om du dessutom anger att relocation företaget Location Partners hjälper dig, brukar även den mest omedgörliga hyresvärd direkt ge dig skriftligt tillstånd att hyra ut i andra hand!


Rental period - From when: (i.e. feb 1, 2001)
Rental period - To when: (i.e. july 31, 2001 PLEASE D O N O T  SUBMIT  RENTAL PERIODS SHORTER THAN 3 MONTHS, as most of our clients aren't interested in that. But, you can try, sometimes we find clients that are interested in shorter than 3 months.)
Monthly rent you want: (LEGALLY you can charge whatever you like for a house, but for a rental apartment ("hyresrätt") you can only charge your normal rent and then if it's furnished you can add an additional 10-20%. If you charge more, which many do (which we for legal reasons cannot interfere with), the worst thing that can happen is that you eventually have to pay back the "over price" to the tenant. No other punishment or fines. Also, Sweden is starting to allow higher rents, just like most other countries do. So even politicians themselves have allowed some newly built rentals to have a much higher rent than other comparable apartments! For a co-op apartment ("bostadsrätt") the law says that you can charge only what a "similar" rental would cost. However, the law isn't very strict on this. RECOMMENDATION: set the rent as low as possible if you want us to help you rent it out fast. Look at what others charge on LazyBee.biz - rent out let apartment | house and take 30-50% less than their price. If the rental period is only 3 months or shorter, charge even less.) 
Deposit - 1 month:
yes  no

Description (write in English): (i.e. balcony, 3D floor, nice view, close to nature, close to subway, how many minutes commute to center of city, hot tub, washing machine in the apartment (for clothes), dish washing machine, TV, VCR, Stereo, Microwave oven,  etc Be specific and convincing. Why should someone rent your home for this price?)


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